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Discover Poppies Bakeries' commitment to sustainability. From reducing emissions to sourcing sustainable ingredients, learn about our efforts to create a better future.


Sustainability report

As a fast-growing company, we take sustainability seriously. We have adopted our own Poppies Green Deal, setting ourselves short- and long-term goals to ensure the sustainability of our activities with respect to people, planet and product. In this report we provide our stakeholders with insights into the most material aspects of our sustainability performance. We want to firmly embed the concept of sustainability in our license to operate as part of our DNA.

Download our sustainability report to learn more about our initiatives and commitments to help build a better future.


At Poppies Bakeries we are recognised for our rich and flavoursome sweet bakery products. We have also set ourselves challenging targets to intensify our focus on quality and food safety, use more sustainable ingredients and clean up our ingredient lists, all without compromising on taste.



Our activities have both direct and indirect impacts on the environment. We are on a mission to minimise these impacts by launching initiatives in four areas: packaging, carbon footprint, water consumption and waste.



We consider our employees to be fundamental for our business success. When they grow, we grow. And vice versa. That’s why we do everything in our power to create a safe, diverse, engaging workplace where our people are able to develop and deploy all their talents and potential. In doing so we will continue to grow and realise our ambition to deliver our delicious sweet bakery products to even more people around the world.

We consider our employees to be fundamental for our business success. Because their growth is our growth and vice versa.


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