Baking joy, every day for everyone


”By experiencing the familiar taste of our sweet bakery products, we want everyone all over the world to enjoy those small moments of indulgence throughout the day.”


Sweet bakery is in our DNA

Poppies Bakeries started out in 1976 selling traditional Flemish pastries and biscuits to local retailers. We have deepened and broadened our baking expertise and our range through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions, becoming a trusted supplier to private labels around the world as well as marketing our own brand of sweet bakery products. Each and every day we put all our craft and passion for excellence into our products, upscaled to make a difference. 

Baking joy, every day for everyone. 

Our products

Our bakery range comprises five categories, each drawing on our traditional baking craft and knowhow of large-scale production.



Authentic crunchy cookies based on the original recipes and made with the best ingredients, produced in Belgium or Sweden.
Cakes & pastries

Cakes & Pastries

From coconut stars and jam slices to frangipanes… We make our cakes and puff pastry in various types and sizes, both ambient and frozen.


Since 2014 we master the art of producing this sweet delicacy in a fully automated way, ensuring we meet all expectations in terms of flavour and ingredients, as well as ensuring the packaging is suited to export to all parts of the world.
Frozen desserts

Frozen desserts

As a market leader, we have extensive expertise in the production of fresh frozen profiteroles and eclairs.
We can make personalised products based on your size, filling, topping and coating preferences.
For the frozen aisle or instore bakery.
Just thaw and serve!

American Bakery

Our famous American treats are always a little above and beyond, as you would expect: everything from homestyle American chewy cookies to outstanding fudgy brownies, or from plain to over-the-top decorated donuts.
Popular in both retail and foodservice.

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If you don’t immediately find what you are looking for, we will be delighted to work with you to develop a customised solution.

Most of our products are sold under private label 

Keeping the scale to make the difference

Each and every day we put all our craft and passion for excellence into our products, keeping the scale to make the difference. Continuous improvement and operational excellence are at the heart of our company. That's how we have become a trusted supplier for private label customers and sweet bakery partners all over the world.

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An international company with production sites around the globe

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14 bakeries in Europe and the USA
64 countries
> 1300 employees

Our sustainability strategy

We are committed to sustainable production that benefits both people and planet. We aim to achieve an optimal balance that takes full account of the wellbeing of all stakeholders.

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