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Poppies Bakeries Laudun opened its doors for employees and their families


Also in Poppies Bakeries Laudun, the employees are very proud to be a part of our Sweet Adventure. Therefore they had the idea to organise a family day tour in the company, so the employees could showcase their workplace to their families.

With over 300 employees coming over, they had to make sure that everything was well organised. Since the factory operates 7 days a week (with 5 teams of 45 people each), they have to schedule 5 Saturdays to make sure that everyone could visit. The first tour took place last Saturday, May 13. Several staff representatives and management welcomed the employees and their families with a delightful buffet of pastries and hot drinks. The visitors were divided into groups of 15 and were captivated by the fascinating experience of witnessing the production of donuts, with an impressive output of 1.5 million pieces per day!

Below you can find some pictures of this great first edition! 

Laudun 1
Laudun 2
Laudun 3
Laudun 4
Laudun 5
Laudun 6
Laudun 7
Laudun 8
Laudun 9
Laudun 10


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